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The first ever Dynamic Daily ROI. Turbo ROI Dynamic uses AI (artificial intelligence) to regulate the percentage of daily ROI depending on the balance of the contract. As a result, the more the balance increases, the more the ROI percentage goes up, in a range from a minimum of 10% when there is less than 1M TRX in the contract, up to 100% when the balance is over 40M TRX. In the event of a balance decrease, the ROI percentage will decrease too, ensuring sustainability. Turbo ROI is a fully automated open source smart contract that will run forever on Tron blockchain. No human being can modify the contract or withdraw other players funds. After a deposit, ROI is available for withdrawal every minute, 24/7 in the amount of the current ROI percentage of your deposit daily, for life or until there are funds in the smart contract. You can add more funds to your account anytime and increase your ROI. For each deposit, contract distributes 10% to referrer and 10% to cover developers, marketing and website maintenance. Referral commission is transferred directly to referrer's account.

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  • Активные пользователи за 24ч3
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  • Кол-во транзакций за 24ч4
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  • Кол-во транзакций за неделю2271
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