XZC will complete its first halving in September this year

Little Zerocoin is a cryptocurrency that guarantees the privacy of accounts by using the zerocoin protocol. It is the first cryptocurrency that implements the zero-coin protocol. By using zero-knowledge proof, it ensures that the relevant address information of both parties to the transaction is not leaked. Zcoin was developed by a research and development team headed by Poramin and Aizensou. The zerocoin protocol is used to protect the privacy of the account. The use of zero-knowledge proof ensures that the relevant address information of the two parties of the transaction is not leaked.

Compared with the early coin-mixing technology and ring signing technology that realized anonymous functions, the zero-coin proof zero-coin protocol solves the shortcomings of the former two and completely cuts off the connection between the coins obtained and the coins redeemed. When you mint a zero coin, at the same time you destroy a zero coin, it will also generate a certificate confirming that you burned a zero coin. This certificate only confirms that you burned a zero coin, but it does not need to prove which one you burned. Then by using this proof, you can redeem a brand new zero coin without any transaction history at all.

The small zero coin has the same parameters as Bitcoin, with a block production time of 10 minutes, a total money supply of 21 million, and the output halving cycle is the same as that of Bitcoin, which is halved once every 4 years.

Small Zerocoin will complete the first block reward halving in September 2020, and the block reward after the halving will be 6.25XZC

For more information about Little Zero Coin, you can visit xzc.tokenview.com to view it.