<h1>What is ERC-721 | Tokenview

What is ERC-721 | Tokenview

ERCs (Ethereum Request for Comments) are technical documents used by smart contract developers at Ethereum. There are a different set of standards required to implement tokens for the Ethereum ecosystem. These documents are usually created by developers, and they include information about protocol specifications and contract descriptions. If you want to know more about erc-721, you can visit Tokenview , it is a blockchain explorer enables you to know everything about blockchian.

What is ERC 721?

ERC 721 is becoming one of the most well-known tokens out there, and the one with the highest hype. CrytoKitties is the famous example.

ERC721 describes a non-fungible token (NFT), i.e. an asset that can’t be consumed while you are making use of it. Right now ERC721 is in a draft state, however, people are already using it. Each ERC721 token is unique, they are all different and they may even have different values according to their owner.

Each NFT is identified through an uint 256 ID. They may be transferred through two different functions: a safe transfer function and a non-secure transfer.

ERC721 tokens must implement the proposed ERC165 interface. This standard allows the detection of the interfaces implemented by a contract.