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Anyone who dealing in cryptos needs a blockchain explorer. Now, there are few people know little about blockchain. Dealing in cryptos such as bitcoin, ehtereum, bitcoin sv without a good blockchain explorer is just like anyone using the internet without Google Chrome or other search engines.

Blockchains are basically huge public databases, and blockchain explorers enables to search much great information of blockchain. We have a wide choice of blockchain explorers in 2020. The following will show you the top 5 best blockchain explorers currently on the market.

What a Blockchain Explorer Can Do

The important one for most users is keeping an eye on the progress of transactions or seeing how long until a send or receive transaction would take to be verified. Here are some of the things you can accomplish with a good blockchain explorer:

  • Search latest block;
  • .
  • Lookup latest Transaction and specific transaction;
  • Search previous and next transactions, including each input and output;
  • Look up current address balances, historic address balances;

Top 5 Best Blockchain Explorers

1. Tokenview Multi-crypto Blockchain Explorer

Tokenview is one of the best blockchain explorers. It supports more than 100 stream blockchain such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Tron and so on. Users who have different cryptos can search you transaction in the same place without open another blockchain explorer. Still it gives you the ability to do basic searches of addresses, transactions and blocks, and the user interface is solid.

top five blockchain explorers

Tokenview can provide more blockchain data:

top five blockchain explorers


Bitcoin blockchain explorer was located at It remains the most popular Bitcoin blockchain explorer. There are also Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash explorers available as well as an extensive API for the budding developer in you. Like Tokenview, also has basic searches of addresses, transactions and blocks. One of the best features at is the mountain of stats available for the Bitcoin activity in the past 24 hours.

top five blockchain explorers

3. Blockchair

There’s a wealth of information here about the Bitcoin blockchain, including the current difficulty, number of nodes, transaction fees, mempool size, and more. Blockchair also has blockchain explorers for Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Stellar, Groestlcoin, Telegram Open Network.

top five blockchain explorers

4. BlockCypher

The project at BlockCypher is another free open-source project for exploring the transactions, blocks, and addresses on the Bitcoin blockchain. It has one of the cleanest user interfaces, and there’s little doubt for users on how to use the blockexplorer and how to navigate the site.

top five blockchain explorers


The blockchain explorer at is a clean and minimal design that makes it easy to use. Both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are featured and the blockchain explorer is just a small part of the toolset and information you’ll be able to access at this handy site.

top five blockchain explorers