The Fastest and Most Useful NEO Block Explorer By Tokenview

The Fastest and Most Useful NEO Block Explorer By Tokenview

With the third anniversary of the NEO main net launch, Tokenview has also upgraded the NEO block explorer and the related services. The latest version of the NEO block explorer has been officially launched today!

During this upgrade, the NEO block explorer has been optimized both in the user interface and the visualization of data. In addition to querying the three basic data of blocks, transactions, and addresses, the upgrade adds all types of assets of NEO, including Token, Share and the latest NEP5 assets. We have also reorganized NEO-based smart contracts, where you can see the input addresses of existing NEO smart contracts and all their transaction history.

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Blockchain Terms Definition

What is the Latest Block?

The latest block on the NEO block chain, which contains recently confirmed transaction information, block reward(GAS generation), validator(miner), and other block data.

What’s the latest transactions?

The latest transaction list shows the recent transaction details on the NEO blockchain including the information for the output and input address, transaction types, transaction fees, confirmations, and other transaction data.

What is an Address?

The new NEO addresses list shows the new addresses on NEO chain, which is an important activity indicator to the public chain. The new addresses number shown here refers to valid addresses that have one transaction at least, including NEO,GAS and NEP5 tokens transaction.

In addition to the basic data, the following focuses on the three unique features of the NEO block explorer by Tokenview.

21 charts for NEO

21 NEO data charts has been updated based on the real-time NEO block chain data!You can view the changes in daily transaction volumes and counts, in daily Twitter activity of NEO, and in number of active and new addresses of NEO, which can be used to analyze the recent activity of the NEO block chain.

One-tap to search pending transaction

Unconfirmed transaction is one the the most annoying problems when we make transactions. If the address is correct, the long delay may be due to network congestion or other unknown reasons, and the transaction should be in pending (unconfirmed) state. All pending transactions can be found in neo.tokenview.com/en/pending. As pending transactions need to be packaged by validator, you may have to wait for several blocks for the confirmation. If the transaction is not confirmed and you cannot find your own transaction in the pending transaction list, then you may have to contact the related customer&services for help.

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Whale tracking

Tokenview keep marking the input and output addresses of the major exchanges, and when there are large transactions related to the marked addresses, we will make notification in time to help you make decision. Besides, we will also mark the address of the foundation to monitor changes in the funds. For certain addresses that hold a large number of assets but have not yet been marked, we can specifically monitor them.You can set the monitoring threshold of whale tracking. The monitoring threshold supports two units: NEO and USD, and you can view the huge money transfers within a certain period of time.

neo whale tracking

For developers, the NEO block explorer also provides a stable and quick API, which can be accessed and called easily. Tokenview also provides a NEO wallet for you to store and transfer your NEO assets quickly. It’s a decentralized wallet which means you are the true master of your assets.