Pig and SHIB, Check Your Airdrop Tokens -Tokenview

Recently, the animal crypto has beenin the limelight for a while. Similar to Pig and Shib, the price of SHIB and other currencies has risen hundreds of times. For example, the price of SHIB is $0.00003239, which is a 7-day increase of 1992.6%, and the price of Pig is $0.00000373, which is a 7-day increase of 14505.4%.

shib token

The circulation of pig coins in the Binance chain formation, and SHIB represented by Ethereum are very large, and half of the total issuance has been 'processed' [for example, 50.5% to Vilitak]. There are many tokens based on smart contracts. Have they airdropped? Did you get the airdrop?

Many communities, trading platforms or wallet platforms will give back to users and give tokens to users who participate in platform activities, such as newcomer rewards, friend rewards, candy, platform airdrops, etc. Many users may have obtained some airdrop tokens without knowing it, and the wealth is at hand.

How to check the tokens and balance of an address?

How to Check Tokens and Balance of An Address

The Tokenview blockchain explorer has the function of searching the token balance, and Tokenview is a multi-currency explorer that supports almost all smart contract chains. Take the Ethereum address as an example: 0xc95e91d44b6ca6d1535ac741ffa9788c09b410ad.

1. Open the Tokenview Ethereum browser, copy the address into the search box, and click search.

shib token

Click 「Token Balance」.

shib token

You can see that this address holds SHIB, LEAASH and other tokens, the value should not be underestimated.

Open to see if your Ethereum address has 'freedom of wealth' tokens. Maybe you are the hidden rich man!