What is Network Hashrate? - Tokenview Block Explorer

The computing power of the entire network can be understood literally, which is the sum of the computing power of all mining machines participating in mining on the network. As a simple example, there are 100 million mining machines in the network, and the computing power of each mining machine is 10T. Then the computing power of the entire network is 1 billion T. The unit of conversion is 100E computing power.

Why 1 billion T = 100E? The meaning of the letters M, G, T, P, and E, where 1M is often referred to as 1 million, and the relationship between adjacent letters is 1000 times, that is, 1E = 1000P = 1000000T = 1000000000G = 1000000000000M Hash / s should also be added after the complete wording. That is 100E hash / s, which means that 100E hash (hash value) calculation can be completed per second.

network hashrate

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