Litecoin (Litecoin) API to Develop Litecoin Wallet or Other Apps

What is Litecoin API?

When developing Litecoin applications, blockchain developers can use the Litecoin API provided by third parties in addition to using their own nodes. The Litecoin API provided by Tokenview obtains Litecoin block information, performs broadcast transactions, and queries addresses and transaction details. Although everyone can build a Litecoin node, for enterprises, the node operation and construction itself also requires higher server and labor costs. Choosing the Litecoin API for development will eliminate the above costs and allow SMEs to install lightly. Go into battle and directly develop products such as Litecoin wallets.

The cost of node construction and operation and maintenance is relatively high. The company can choose to directly call Tokenview's Litecoin API to obtain block data and directly develop blockchain products such as wallets. Through Tokenview's Litecoin API, users can directly obtain all the information on the Litecoin chain, without building nodes, and directly develop and promote products.

Through the Tokenview third-party API, directly obtain transaction and block information, and develop on this basis. It not only saves the time and cost of building nodes and daily operation and maintenance, but also obtains the latest Litecoin chain data. Enterprises can focus on product design and development, avoiding the cost of various node upgrades and operation and maintenance.

The data supported by the Litecoin API includes:

  • Get the QR code of Litecoin collection.
  • General information about the pending transaction in Litecoin.
  • Obtain the transaction history list of the address through the abbreviation and address of Litecoin.
  • Obtain the block header information of the block through the public chain abbreviation and block height or block HASH.
  • Basic information of Litecoin: name, abbreviation, LOGO, circulation, total issuance, latest price (USD), market value, trading volume, fluctuations, etc.
  • For more support content, please refer to the API documentation, please click API documentation.

Click to enter the Tokenview API service page, you can see the API service documentation provided by Tokenview and the detailed quotation and calling method. Currently Tokenview's API is divided into free version, enterprise version and advanced customized version. The free version is mainly for individual developers to test and use, the enterprise version can meet the daily call needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, with a frequency of 300 times per minute per minute, while the advanced customized version provides personalized data interface customization services and higher calls frequency. Developers and companies can purchase the appropriate version according to their own needs.

Tokenview not only provides a wealth of API interfaces, but also provides professional technical support to help you easily start blockchain-related development and construction. There are more advanced customized data interface services to meet all kinds of difficulties you encounter in the development process. Compared with other data providers in the industry, Tokenview's data service has obvious advantages in pricing. At the same time, the data dimensions provided are more comprehensive, including dozens of cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.