ETH API | How to Get All the Datas of ETH Block - Tokenview block Explorer

ETH API | How to Get All the Datas of ETH Block - Tokenview block Explorer

What is an Ethereum block? If you think of the blockchain as a bookkeeping notebook, the 'block' is the pages of the notebook, and the content on the paper is the content of the bookkeeping. The block number is actually the'block height'. As ordinary users, we can directly use the block explorer to search all the data in the block.

How to Use the Blockchain Explorer to Search the Data Information in the Ethereum Block?

Users can use the blockchain explorer to search all transaction records, the specific steps are as follows:

  • Open the Tokenview ETH Block Explorer home page and copy and paste the block height into the search box.
  • tokenview eth block explorer
  • Click 'Search', you will get the following results, including block information, block hash, transaction list.
  • tokenview eth block explorer tokenview eth block explorer

When developing Ethereum-related applications, our first step is often to build an Ethereum node to obtain all the information in the Ethereum block. But building the node itself requires a certain amount of hardware and labor costs, so we can also use the Ethereum API service provided by a third party to get the data we want. The project introduces some third-party Ethereum APIs commonly used by Ethereum developers.

How to Use ETH API to Get Block List?

Get block info through its chain abbreviation and height: http://www.tokenview.com:8088/block/ {public chain abbreviation}/{height}

For example: http://www.tokenview.com:8088/block/usdt/576905

For more relevant data interfaces, you can submit your application form on the page to obtain free apikey for testing.

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