Ethereum Classic ETC Prepares For Thanos Hardfork

ETC Mainnet will implement ECIP-1099 Thanos network upgrade on November 28th, 2020. Thanos was successfully implemented on the Mordor testnet in October.

What is Thanos?

ECIP-1099, also called Thanos, is the next network upgrade on ETC. This upgrade, first known as ECIP-1043 (DAG Limit Restriction) which has since taken on a new form as ECIP-1099 (Epoch Calibration). By doubling the Ethash epoch from 30K to 60K blocks, effectively reducing the DAG limit by half. Now 3GB-4GB GPUs can now continue mining ETC, and continue to attract miners to better secure the network.

Why the Epoch Calibration?

The original parameters are proving too aggressive, resulting in obsoleting support for GPUs still in wide use today by miners.

Calibrating these parameters to better reflect today’s hardware markets and mining ecosystem will bring the DAG growth back in sync with commonly used GPUs. Allowing the DAG system to continue to serve its purpose far into the future.

What We Do?

As closer to the highly anticipated ECIP-1099 Thanos network upgrade, ETC Cooperative recommend that all node operators update their current client software as soon as possible. Any node operator using OpenEthereum or Multi-Geth will lose all node functionality as these node clients no longer support the ETC network. To anyone not running a node, using a dapp or service, or has ETC on an exchange there’s nothing for you to do.

Node Update

Update your node client immediately by installing one of the two clients below.

Mining Software

Thanos was successfully implemented on the Mordor testnet in October . For miners who wish to continue testing on Mordor use the mining software below:

Tokenview ETC Blockchain Explorer enables users to search transaction, block, addresses on the chain. You will learn more about the Thanos hardfork.