The First Dash Halving on May 2020

The First Dash Halving on May 2020

What is Dash Halving?

Unlike the halving of other cryptocurrencies, Dash uses 7% annual cut to reduce inflation. In addition, the supply of each blockchain is directly related to the total number of miners in all networks, and the participation of more miners represents a reduction in mining incentive policies.

What is Dash?

Dash is a digital currency that can be operated on-line, users can use the Dash Bank for secure online instant payment, and merchants can add an open-source payment platform built by tens of millions of users worldwide. The total amount of DASH is 18.9 million, which is decreasing by 7% every year. The latest and first DASH halving on will trigger on May 2020 and end its issue around 2150.

Dash Blockchain Reward

  • 45% are awarded to miners to improve security of network;
  • 45% are awarded to the master node to provide services such as instant payments;
  • 10% are awarded to the cost budgeting system.

Key Highlights for This Halving

  • This is the first halving of DASH;
  • DASH is decreasing by 7% every year;
  • before halving.

Please click dash.tokenview.com to read more information about DASH.