BCD to complete its first halving on July 29 this year

Bitcoin Diamond (Bitcoin Diamond) is operated by the Bitcoin Diamond Foundation. It is a fork of the Bitcoin block. The English abbreviation BCD will fork at a height of 495866. After this block, a new bit will be formed. Series of chains and generate Bitcoin diamonds. Bitcoin diamond miners will use the new work verification algorithm to start creating blocks, and will gradually add features such as privacy protection for transfers to the original Bitcoin features, which will lead to the fork of Bitcoin.

By adding the function of encrypting the transfer amount, Bitcoin Diamond protects the transaction privacy of participants and makes the entire transaction ecosystem more secure and private.

In addition, BCD will increase the size of the unit block to 8M and support each block size as a dynamic value, more flexible to process all transactions in each block, and continue to use segwit, which improves the unit block to storage transactions

The total number of Bitcoin diamonds is 10 times that of Bitcoin, which is about 210 million, which has reduced the unit participation cost and threshold of users to a certain extent, and the high fees have been diluted, and users can use fewer procedures. Fees to complete a transaction, making it easier for more users to participate in the trading activities of Bitcoin Diamond.

BCD will complete the third block reward halving on July 29, 2020, the reward will be reduced by 50%, and the block reward after the halving will be 62.5 BCD. More information about BCD can be viewed at bcd.tokenview.com