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ViewToken Wallet

All-around crypto wallet

ViewToken is a full-cryptocurrency wallet with all features. With on-chain/off-chain mode and exclusive quantitative trading strategy, ViewToken wallet will secure your assets and make profits for you.

Two modes, infinite cryptocurrencies

  • On-Chain wallet
  • You hold private key
  • Multi wallets for one crypto
  • User-friendly mnemonics
  • Lower fee less pending
  • Off-chain wallet
  • Easy to use, no private key
  • Exclusive profits for user
  • Quick transfer experience
  • TVT ecology, win TVT

1000+ digital assets and tokens including BTC,ETH and TVT

Advanced security, solid protection

  • High security
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • On-chain/off-chain separation
  • Multi-signature protection

Enjoy profits everyday

  • Quantitative trade
  • AI-enhanced
  • Steady and high returns

Quality Dapps for you

  • 2000+ quality DApps and candies
  • Games,entertainments and social
  • Quick payment for great DApps
  • Complete DApp SDK to discover more DApps