ViewToken App Exclusive Ultrain Mining Online!

Previous 3 rounds mining hashrate has been sold out! The fourth round 200 psc mining hashrate now open for reserve ,first come first served!
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Secure and stable
Multiple protection
Flexible and optional
Low threshold&simple operation
High ROI
High returns everyday
1 psc for only 20,000RMB (or equivalent BTC, USDT), with 10,000UGAS after pre-order;The contract is for 1 year,
and the fourth round starts with UGAS rewards every day from May 1! (Min order: 0.1 psc2)
1. 10,000UGAS will be mortgaged for mining.In order to ensure the continuous mining, the withdrawal will not be supported during the contract period.
2. Minimum starting share is 0.1
Market Forecast Online
You can view historical prediction signals for a specified period.
The latest market bullish&bearish trend will be updated every hour with a suggested support and pressure position.
Real time updated K-Line and crypto price
Market forecasts for 19 mainstream cryptocurrencies and more in the future.
Tokenview market outlook provides users with the related data based on crypto prices. Through methods including quantitative analysis and artificial intelligence to provide users with high value-added information and data services, and to provide users with buy and sell suggestion in order to facilitate users to make rational decisions and control risks during investment.
On-chain wallet integrated
Multi-crypto supported
ViewToken supports BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX, UGAS, and hundreds of crypto assets.
Flexible Tx fee
Set the tx fee according to your needs to save money!
Balance change monitor
Import the address you hope to monitor to track the balance change.
High level security
Bank-level security technology with multiple verification and multi-signature for safety.